Film Camera

What it does: Simulates the jittery, flickering look of film that was shot in an old-fashioned hand-crank camera or displayed on an old worn out projector.

How to use it: Use the controls to modify the jitters and flickering.

  • Use X Jitter and Y Jitter to move frames up, down, left and right in a random fashion. Drag the control down for less jitter, up for more jitter.
  • Border set the color of the border around the image. (Typically, this is black, but you can make it any color you want.) Click the dropper icon to select a color from anywhere on the screen, or click the color box to select from a large spectrum of colors.
  • Flicker randomly adjust the brightness of each frame to produce a flicker effect. Drag the control to the left for less flicker, to the right for more flicker.
  • Flicker Rate adjust how often a frame's brightness is changed, and control how quickly the flicker occurs. Drag the control to the left for slower speed, to the right for faster speed.
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