Flash Remover Pro

Flash Remover Pro helps you get rid of distracting camera flash in a scene. This is ideal for weddings and social events. While some flash is acceptable to set the mood, flashing cameras can be more eye-catching than the event itself. Flash Remover accomplishes this by replicating frames before and after a flash is detected and replacing those affected frames.

To apply Flash Remover, navigate over to your effects browser and select the NewBlue Essentials folder and click and drag to apply it to a video clip.

You can set the Effect Controls. These consist of setting a preset, dialing in Sensitivity, setting the Max Frames and previewing with Test mode.


Select from a variety of presets to help you get started or adjust settings manually to get just the right amount of correction you want. This is where you can tailor the settings to your specific clip for best results.

Test Mode

Check the Test Mode checkbox to enable test mode.

This will make a visible overlay appear on your footage wherever Flash Remover detects a flash. You can play back your footage in real time to see what Flash Remover is interpreting as flashes.

A red x means that Flash Remover Pro has detected a flash and will replace that frame to remove the flash.


A blue x over the footage means that Flash Remover Pro has detected a Flash but will not replace the frame because your max frame setting will not allow it. If you want to fix this frame, increase the number of frames in the “Max Frame” settings.

Exit out of Test Mode by unchecking the Test Mode box.


This setting decides how strictly Flash Remover Pro interprets sudden changes in brightness as a flash. Adjust this setting if flashes are very disruptive, but be careful as the higher sensitivity might mistake sudden changes in brightness as flashes. For example, a sudden pan to a full white dress might be mistaken for a camera flash. Fine tune this setting until you get acceptable results.

Max Frames

Max frames sets the maximum of consecutive frames that will be adjusted. For example, if a flash lasts 3 frames and Max Frames is set to 2, only 2 of those frames will be fixed. Flash Remover Pro will decide which frames have the hardest flash and remove those first. If 3 is selected, all 3 of them will be fixed. Reduce this setting if stuttering occurs to achieve smooth video.

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