Zoom Blur

Zoom Blur simulates a camera zoom within a shot, adding blur that radiates out for dramatic effect.

Use the controls to manipulate the Zoom Blur effect.

  • Zoom set the strength of the zoom. Drag right to increase the image magnification. This creates a blur that starts with the original image and expands it to the magnified version of that image. Drag to the left to decrease the magnification.
  • Position set the position within the zoom to place the non-blurred portion of the image.
  • Blend set how much of the blur to mix in with the non-blurred image. With Blend set all the way to the left, the blur disappears. Drag to the right to increase the percentage of blur until the original picture is completely replaced by the blurred image. Note that the magnification of the non-blurred image is set with the Position control.

To perform a simple zoom operation without blur, keep Blend turned completely off and Position all the way on, then use Zoom to set the magnification.

  • Set the origin of the zoom with the Center control.
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