Warp Distorts the image in a seemingly random way.

Use the controls to dial up the warp behavior.

  • Amplitude set the amount of the warping distortion. Drag to the right for increased effect. Drag to the left for a decreased effect.
  • Angle set the direction of the warping. Although the warping occurs in all directions, you can rotate its angle to fine tune for a particular scene or image.
  • Smooth reduce harsh artifacts in the warping. For a harsh warp, drag to the left. For a smooth, almost liquid, image, turn to the right.
  • Distortion Control set the algorithm used to create the warping. Typically, any will do. But, in some cases, it may prove useful to pick a particular one. The first three choices, RGB 1 through RGB 3 use the Red, Green and Blue color information in the image to manipulate it. The second three choices,HSV 1 through HSV 3, use the Hue, Saturation, and Intensity levels of the image to warp it.
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