Rolling Waves

Rolling Waves simulates water waves washing across the image.

Use the controls to dial up the wave behavior.

  • Direction set the angle of the waves across the screen.
  • Amplitude set the displacement caused by the wave. Drag to the right for increased effect. Drag to the left for a decreased effect.
  • Frequency set the width of the wave. For many waves, drag to the right. For a large, slow wave, drag to the left.
  • Speed control the rate at which the waves move across the picture. Drag to the right for faster ripples.  Drag to the left for slower ripples.
  • Shading control how much dark and light shading to add to the waves to give them definition. Drag all the way to the left to disable shading.  Drag to the right for more shading.
  • Warp add distortion to the image so the water ripples appear more organic.
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