Colored Pencil

What it does: Colored Pencil draws the lines and details with a colored pencil and then shades in between with lighter colors.

How to use it: Set the picture color properties and then dial up the detail and fill characteristics to control the pencil rendering.

  • Color Shift shifts the colors around the color wheel, for example so blues become greens and greens become yellows. This is useful to effect a subtle (or not so subtle) change in the color palette.
  • Color adjusts the color richness, or saturation of the image. Turn this down to remove color; turn it up to enhance the colors.
  • Brightness sets the over all light level of the image.
  • Contrast sets the image contrast. Above 0 increases contrast, for darker darks and lighter lights. Below 0 reduces contrast, resulting in a duller image.
  • Details controls how many lines and fine details to draw in the picture.
  • Fill sets the strength of pencil shading between the lines.
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