Detail by Chroma

Allows you to apply a detail enhancing effect to select regions of your picture, determined by color choice. Depending on the color range selected, broad or narrow areas can be affected and the inverse of your color choice can also be the target of the detail effect.
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It is recommended to use the Show Mask checkbox so you can easily see the range of color which is being included.

  1. Use the color picker to select the dominant color in the area you would like to add detail to. Try to pick a color which falls in the middle of the color range you are interested in.
  2. Increase the Range control it include the desired amount of the picture. Use the Show Mask checkbox to help you determine this range. If you wish the color you chose to be omitted from the effect, check the Invert checkbox.
  3. Dial in the amount of Strength and Definition until you achieve the desired look. Both of these controls affect each other, so experiment with one at a lesser setting while the other is at a greater setting.

  • Color is the color you choose for the detail effect to be applied to.
  • Range determines the amount of similar colors which are included around the specific color you selected. For best results, select a color that is in the middle of the range you wish to affect.
  • Invert reverses the mask so that the color you selected is omitted from the detail effect.
  • Show Mask displays the mask view so you can clearly see which areas of your picture are being included in the effect.
  • Strength controls the amount of detail which is included into your picture.
  • Definition controls the amount of contrast within the region of the effect.
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