First Broadcast

Setting up OvrStream is easy.

After launch, you will be greeted by the OvrStream interface. To get started, simply open the library and hover over the graphics to preview them in real time.

Click and drag a few of your favorites into the playlist to set up a scene.

For more information about the library, see the Library section.

Alternatively, you can click on the "Open Scene..." button and select a pre-made design that is ready to stream.

Modify your graphics using the Attributes panel in the lower right. Change the texts, colors and logos that are available for editing.

You can click on a graphic in the Preview window and move it around to re-position it. You can also scale the graphic to make it bigger or smaller.

Input behaviors let you choose the way that graphics interact with incoming alerts and notifications and how they are triggered.

For example, the behavior "Twitch: Follower Alert" will trigger the graphic when a new follower alert is received.

Note: You must sign in to your Twitch account for this function to work.

Different graphics will be compatible with different input behaviors. Compatible input behaviors are assigned to a graphic when a graphic is designed.

You can learn more about input behaviors here.

After you have everything set up, your graphics are ready to broadcast! You can preview your graphics by clicking on the preview in/out buttons in the Preview window.

You are now ready for your first broadcast.








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