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Titler Pro gives you the ability to save and export your projects in a variety of formats. You can save out the Titler Pro project to your hard drive to continue working on it later, save the title as a movie or an image with a transparent alpha channel. This is useful for taking the finished title and applying it in different ways in your video editing program. Titler Pro also has the ability to export project packages which include every element necessary to open that title in Titler Pro, making it easy to share titles with other Titler Pro 4 users.

Save a Project File

To save a Titler Project, go to File> Save as...


Name the project file, choose a location on your hard drive and save. This will save the Titler Live Project . Just like your NLE, this will save the project data but not any fonts or texture content.


Saving an Image with Alpha

To save a title with a transparent background, go to the Title Designer and select File> Export image to file...


Name the image and select a location on your hard drive.


This will create a PNG image with a transparent background. You can use this image in photo manipulation software or in your preferred video editing program.

Saving a Movie with Alpha

Titler Pro can also save title movies with transparent backgrounds. In the Title Designer, go to File>Export Movie File...


Name the movie and save it on your hard drive.


Titler Pro will save your title as a movie file that can be imported into your video editing software. This file will behave like any other movie file and can be overlaid over footage.

Migrating Projects with Packages

Titler Pro projects can be exported into a complete package to be imported into other projects and computers that have Titler Pro installed. All elements, fonts, textures and settings will be packaged within and available for further editing once opened. Exporting a package file creates a .zip file with all the elements necessary to open the title. Migrating projects is helpful for sharing completed titles across computers or with colleagues.

In Title Designer go to File>Export Package... to export a project as a package.


Name the .zip file and save it on your hard drive.


To import a package, go to File>Import Package... in the title designer navigate to the .zip file and select Open. Choose a location to unzip the package's contents.



The .zip file will unarchive and include a Titler Pro project file, a texture folder and a fonts folder. If your title doesn't look right when opening a packaged title, make sure you have the required font installed first.


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