The Globals tab houses transform values, column options and Variable settings. From here, you can adjust the position, rotation and scaling of text. All of these settings can be keyframed to change over time. You can also change transform values from the workspace area.



Under the Transform drop-down, you will find Position, rotate and scale sliders. You can change the value of these by clicking and dragging on the slider, double-clicking on a value and entering it manually or by transforming the object in the workspace area.

Working with Transform Options:

  • Click on the Position reset button to reset the object’s position to 0.
  • Click on the Rotation reset button to reset the object’s position to 0.
  • Click on the Scale reset button to reset the object’s position to 5.
  • Click on the lock icon to lock scale aspect or disable lock scale aspect.


  • Opacity: Control the transparency of the current object.
  • Turn on Keyframing: Expose keyframing controls. Add or subtract additional keyframes by clicking on the + or – buttons.
  • Smooth Interpolation: Smoothen the animation of the keyframed object to make it feel more natural.

Text Settings

There are a few settings available to better set how text and objects behave inside Titler Pro.

Text Options:

  • Column Width: Sets the width in between tabbed columns. This is useful for creating evenly spaced rolling credits.
  • Hide Paragraph: This checkbox toggles your paragraph on and off. This is useful for when working on specific aspects fo your titles or when hiding objects within groups.
  • Clip to Paragraph Box: Limits the render area of effects and constraints it to the paragraph box limits.
  • Isolate Layer: This option will isolate the layer from the composition and assign it its own render pass. This object will not cut into other objects in the workspace. However, it will make render times longer.
  • Margin: Expands the clipped to paragraph box and allows the user to manually set the clip margin.

Standard credit roll with no Column Width Adjustment:

Standard credit roll with 26 Column Width Adjustment:



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