Titler Pro comes with the ability to add shapes natively from inside the workspace. Shapes are an indispensable design element in title creation.

You can choose from Ellipse, Rectangle and Star shapes as a starting point and apply the same transitions, effects and styles you would to a regular paragraph.

Alternatively, you can import PSD and EPS files to expand your design possibilities.

Working with shapes:

  • Add a shape from the “Add Shape” button and select from Ellipse, Rectangle or Star.
  • If a title is selected and you are in text edit mode, the shape will be inserted in the paragraph.
  • If nothing is selected a new shape will be generated as a new paragraph.
  • Apply styles, effects and transitions like any other paragraph.
  • Head over to the Object Tab to further transform the shape by selecting a skew amount or number of points.

Importing EPS Vectors

You may also import EPS vectors into Titler Pro 5. Importing EPS is helpful when using pre-designed logos or unique shapes with the ability to extrude them.

Importing EPS Vectors:

  • Go to File> Import> Vector
  • Select an EPS vector file from your computer
  • Import the EPS file. It will now be in your workspace area.

After an EPS file is imported, you can apply styles, effects and transitions as you would with any other shape. Additionally, you can extrude vector files to instantly give them 3D depth.

 Working with vector files:

  • Once a vector file is imported, you can move and manipulate it in 3D space like any other paragraph.
  • If the vector file has more than one element, each element can be selected and manipulated individually.
  • EPS files can be extruded by increasing the Extrusion amount in Style Settings>3D Face>3D Controls.

Importing PSD Layers

Titler Pro can also import and animate Photoshop layers. This means that imported PSD files can be quickly spiced up with effects and animations for a quick and easy result.

Note: You can't import PSD files when using Titler Pro 5 with AVID Media Composer or Grass Valley EDIUS.

Importing PSD files:

  • Go to File>Import>PSD
  • Select a PSD file from your computer
  • Import the PSD File. It will now be in your workspace area.

PSD files can be fully animated and can take advantage of all of Titler Pro’s effects. However, PSD files cannot be extruded.

 Working with PDS Layers:

  • Once a PSD file is imported, it can be manipulated in the workspace like any other object.
  • Effects and transitions can be applied from the Library.
  • PSD files cannot be extruded.

Note: Animations will be applied from the lowest layer upward. If you desire the opposite effect, please rearrange your layers in Photoshop.

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