Making Templates

Creating a Template

Creating templates is useful for maintaining a uniform look across a project. You can edit existing templates and save them for use later or you can create your own custom templates.

Saving Templates:

  • Go to File>Save as… and save your title on your computer.
  • Go to a folder in your library and right-click on an empty space. Select Save Current title here and name the title.
  • Click on the Disk icon at the foot of the library to save your title to the library.


Creating Variables

Variables are values that can be assigned to templates that can be quickly changed from the Variables tab in the attributes area.

Variables can be assigned to text, colors, and images for easy customization at a later time.

Assigning Variables:

  • Click on the desired paragraph.
  • Head over to the area that you wish to make a variable. (Text or Style)
  • Check the “Variable” checkbox to enable the variable

All 2D and 3D color style variables can be enabled from the Style Tab.

Text variables are enabled in the Globals Tab under Variable Settings. Variables can be assigned names for easy identification later. Clicking on the "Visible Variable" checkbox will enable a user to turn on/off that variable from the Variables Tab.

Once finished, you can save your template to your library. Once loaded, you can see that all of your variables are ready for easy access from the Variables tab in the Attributes Area.



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