Save and Export

Save and Export

Titler Pro gives you the ability to save and export your projects in a variety of formats. You can save your project files as Titler projects, movie files or images with alpha.

This is useful for taking your titles into other applications or simply continue work at a later date or on a different system.

The export package feature makes it easy to transport and share complete titles and assets between systems and versions of Titler.

Saving a Project:

  • To save a project, go to File> Save As…
  • Name your project file and select a save location.
  • Save your title.

Just like video editing software, this method will save your project data, but not any fonts, textures or content.

Exporting Titles as Images with Alpha:

  • Go to File>Export>Image to file…
  • Select a save destination.
  • Export your image.

Exporting Titles as images will export a still image title with a transparent alpha layer. This makes it easy to import it into video and image editing applications and expands the utility of Titler Pro in a wide array of workflows.

Exporting as Movie File:

  • Go to File>Export>Movie File…
  • Select a save destination.
  • Export the movie file.

Exporting titles as Movie Files will export the full title as an .mov movie file with all animations and effects applied. Movie Files will also have an alpha layer, which is useful for importing into video editing applications and overlaying it on top of footage.

Migrating Packages

Saving with Resources

Titler Pro has the ability to export packages and transport titles between systems and versions of Titler. This makes sharing complete titles and projects between users and systems easy. Exported titles contain the title data, fonts and textures used in the template design for a complete title recreation.

Save project with Resources:

  • Go to File>Export>Project with resources…
  • Select a save destination.
  • Your project file, fonts and textures will be saved in the destination folder.

Exporting multiple titles in this way will populate the relevant Fonts and Textures folder in a single location.

Working with Packages

Titler Pro can also export individual titles as .zip files. These files can then be imported into other projects and computers that have Titler Pro installed.

All elements, including fonts, textures and settings will be packaged and available for further editing once opened.

Exporting Packages as .zip files:

  • Go to File>Export>Project Zip Package…
  • Select a save destination.
  • Your project file, textures and fonts will be saved in a single .zip file.

Importing Packages:

  • Go to File>Import>Project Zip Package…
  • Select an exported .zip file.
  • Select an unzipping destination.
  • The file will now load in Titler Pro. 

The .zip file will unarchive to your designated location and will include all relevant fonts, textures and settings. If your title doesn’t look right, make sure you have the correct fonts installed first.


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