The Library holds a collection of templates, effects, styles, transitions and add-ons. From here, you can add animations, effects and transitions to individual paragraphs in your title project. This is where you can pick and preview styles and effects. Choose from a variety of pre-set elements to use in your project.


Applying Presets and Templates

Titler Pro comes with a collection of presets. You can choose different video animations, styles, transitions and shapes to help you get started on a title project. Mouse over effects to preview them and drag and drop an effect to a paragraph in the timeline to apply them.

From the Library, you can preview Project Templates by hovering over them and select them by double clicking on them to bring them into the timeline area. From here, you can start editing elements to make the template your own.



Making Custom Presets

If you would like to save your own presets to the Library, click on the File menu in the Title Designer and scroll down to the “Save to Library” submenu, then select a category to save your new preset. You can also right-click on the Workspace area and save from there. Your preset will be saved in the last folder area you accessed or in the top folder of the appropriate category.



Saving Templates to Folders

Titles can be saved as templates Templates directly in the library window. You can choose to save a template on an existing folder or save a template on a custom folder.

To create a custom folder in the library, right click and select "New Category" to create a new folder.


To save the current title in the library, browse over to the destination folder, right click and select "Save current title here."


This will save the current title to the current folder.

Note: Folders installed by Titler Pro will be available in the Program Files directory, whereas user-created folders will be created in the Documents folder of the system.

Understanding Add-Ons

The Add-Ons category in the Library contains trial versions of products installed in your computer that are compatible with Titler Pro. You are free to preview them and use them in your project, however a watermark will appear when using these. Once activated, the watermark will disappear and the product will be moved to the regular Library from the Add-Ons list.


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