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The Workspace area in the Title Designer is where you’ll spend most of your time when designing titles. The workspace area gives you on-screen controls to orient your text and move it in 2D or 3D space.

This makes it easy to reposition and adjust your title, scale it and move it around your workspace.

Workspace controls:

  • Click on the globe icon to enable on-screen positioning controls. Drag your title within the sphere to move it in 3D space.
  • Use the workspace handles to rotate your handles in 2D space.

Note: Press Ctrl (or Command) + H to toggle the paragraph box on and off. You may still move, scale and transform your paragraph when the paragraph box is hidden. 

Adding Text

You can add new paragraphs to the workspace to quickly start creating text for your titles.

Adding Text:

  • To Add Text click on the “Add Text” button at the top of the workspace.
  • You may also add text by going to Title>Add Text
  • You may also add text by using the shortcut Ctrl (or Command) + Enter

Adding Shapes

Titler Pro comes with the ability to add shapes natively from inside the workspace. Shapes are an indispensable design element in title creation.

You can choose from Ellipse, Rectangle and Star shapes as a starting point and apply the same transitions, effects and styles you would to a regular paragraph.

Alternatively, you can import PSD and EPS files to expand your design possibilities. (Please note that you can't import PSD files when using Titler Pro 5 with AVID Media Composer or Grass Valley EDIUS.)

Working with shapes:

  • Add a shape from the “Add Shape” button and select from Ellipse, Rectangle or Star.
  • If a title is selected and you are in text edit mode, the shape will be inserted in the paragraph.
  • If nothing is selected a new shape will be generated as a new paragraph.
  • Apply styles, effects and transitions like any other paragraph.
  • Head over to the Object Tab to further transform the shape by selecting a skew amount or number of points.
  • You may also add shaped by going to Title>Add Object

Working with Rules and Guidelines

Titler Pro offers Grids and Guidelines for a more precise designing experience. Enable or disable Marking Grids, Rulers and Safe Margins by toggling the respective button at the top of the workspace. When turned on, object snapping will occur. Disable snapping by holding the alt key while moving objects.


You may also toggle rules and guidelines from the View menu in the toolbar.

Marking Grid

Clicking on the Marking Grid button will display a grid on the workspace area in Title Designer. This grid allows you to adjust the alignment of your title easily. Press Ctrl (or Command) + E to toggle Marking grid on/off.

Enabling Marking grid:

  • Click on the Marking Grid icon at the top of the Workspace.
  • Press Ctrl (or Command) + E to toggle Marking grid on/off.
  • Enable Marking Grid from the View Menu


Clicking on the ruler button will enable the ruler and guidelines. This lets you precisely align titles to your liking and get the perfect positioning.

  • Press Ctrl (or Command) + R to toggle the ruler on and off.
  • To add a guideline click in the ruler area and drag into the workspace. The top ruler produces horizontal lines and the left ruler produces vertical lines.

  • To move an existing guideline, drag its position from within the ruler area.

  • To remove an existing guideline, click and drag it back to the ruler area.

  • To clear and reset all guidelines, go to View>Clear Guidelines

Safe Margins

Safe margins allow you to view title safe areas in your workspace. You can choose from Standard and HD safe margins to help in your composition.

  • Press Ctrl (or Command) + T to toggle safe margins on and off. 
  • View safe margins by clicking on the "Toggle Safe Margins" button at the top of the workspace to turn them on/off.
  • Configure safe margin settings under the View menu.
  • You can select to view safe margins for 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios, or see crosshairs.

Workspace Lock

Clicking on the lock at the top of the workspace will enable locked mode. this means that titles will no longer be able to be designed and adjusted, except for text. This is helpful for when a title is finalized and the only remaining change is text.

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