Grouping allows you to group together different paragraphs. This way, you can move, scale or keyframe paragraphs as one object.

 Grouping also lets you apply effects and animations to all paragraphs in a group at the same time.

You can ungroup paragraphs at any time to make changes to individual paragraphs as well. Grouped objects are indicated by a blue bounding box.

Grouping Paragraphs:

  • Select multiple paragraphs by using the lasso tool or multi-selecting paragraphs by holding Ctrl (Command on Mac) and clicking on multiple paragraphs in the workspace or in the timeline.
  • Once your paragraphs are selected, right click on one of the paragraphs in the timeline or in the workspace and select Group.

Groups have some special qualities associated with them.

Working with groups:

  • You can view paragraphs in a group in the timeline by clicking on the collapse/expand arrow.
  • You can make changes to each paragraph individually.
  • You can ungroup paragraphs at any time by right-clicking on a group and selecting Ungroup 

Keyframing Groups

Grouped paragraphs can be keyframed as a group. This is helpful for when multiple objects have to be animated in sync without losing their position relative to one another.

Groups can be keyframed the same way individual paragraphs can.

Enabling Keyframes:

  • Select the grouped paragraph.
  • Head over to the Object Tab and click on the “Turn on keyframing” checkbox.
  • Add or remove keyframes by selecting them and clicking on the + or – buttons.


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