Using Still Mode

Still Mode

Still mode can be accessed to help you design titles quickly without having to worry about animation or length of your titles. It is designed to help you focus on your design first and foremost.

Working in Still Mode:

  • Enter Still mode by going to title> Still Mode
  • You can also enter Still Mode by selecting from the list in the workspace:
  • Your timeline panel will now disappear.
  • Edit your title as you would normally would.
  • You can return to animation mode at any time by going back to Title> Animation Mode

Note: All titles created in still mode can be taken into Animation mode and vice versa.

While in animation mode you can still access your library and apply style, effects and use templates. The only limitation is that you will not have access to transitions.

Arranging Layers

You can take advantage of Layer arranging options at any time in Titler Pro, but Still mode benefits from this mode greatly. This helps you manually push paragraph layers in space relative to each other.

Arranging Layers:

  • Right-click on your workspace and head to Arrange Layers, then select an option.
  • Options include Bring to front, Bring forward, Send backward and Send to Back.
  • You can also use Ctrl (or command) and Up or Down arrows to push layers forward or backward. 


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