Multi-Title Management

Multi-Title Management

Note: This feature is not supported in Titler Pro for Avid or Titler Pro for EDIUS.

Titler Pro has consolidated multi-title management and design all in one interface. Now you can design and edit templates in the same interface where you manage them.

When working with multiple titles in a project, the Title List will start to populate.

From this list, you can hop in and out of every title in your timeline. You can also make changes and ripple edit shared designs.


Shared Designs

Shared Designs will have the ability to be edited and ripple edit on to other instances of that title in your project. 

This means that making a change in a shared title will make all other titles of the same design that are shared take on those changes.

Sharing can be toggled on and off on a title to title basis.


Sharing is helpful for when you have the same design multiple times in your project and you want to keep a uniform look that can be changed at any time.

When editing shared designs, all templates that will be affected by changes will be highlighted in the Title List.

See Multi-title Management in Action:

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