Editing Variables


Editing Variables

After you have selected and applied a template, the Variables tab will automatically open in the Attributes Panel. 

From here, you can quickly edit a title’s duration, template and other assigned variables like color or text variables.


Types of Possible Variables:

  • Style Variables: Are variables that control a title’s Color, Gradient, Image or Video that can be quickly modified from the Variables tab.
  • Text Variables: Are variables that control the text of a particular title, this makes it possible to change the text from the Variables tab.
  • Visible Variables: Checkboxes that toggle on/off a particular variable.

Note: All Variable names can be customized by the template creator.


Customizing Templates:

  • You can change the name of the title by double-clicking on the title name.
  • You can set the title’s duration by entering a time value in the Duration field.
  • You can change text variables by clicking in the fields and changing the text.
  • You can change color variables by clicking on the color swatch and switching the colors.



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