The Transitions tab lets you adjust any transition currently placed on an object and enable Isolate Layers. To add a transition to an object, head over to your library, select Transitions and choose an effect. Double-click or click and drag the effect to the object in the timeline.

Isolate Layer

This option will isolate the layer from the composition and assign it its own render pass. This object will not cut into other objects in the workspace. However, it will make render times longer.

Working With Transitions

Transitions allow you to give your titles in and out animations, and effects. This ranges from simple fly-ins, to complex warps and zooms.

Applying transitions to an object:

  • Browse your transitions library and hover over a transition to preview it.
  • Double click on a transition or click and drag the transition on top of the object.
  • The Transitions tab will open and reveal the transition settings.
  • Every transition will have different editable parameters and will vary from transition to transition.
  • You can customize transition presets, but selecting a different preset will reset your edits.


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