Working With Templates

Quick Edit does just as the name implies, it lets you create great looking titles in a matter of seconds. Quickly select a template, change the text fields and duration, and then move on. Quick Edit allows you to make global design changes easily with instant access to templates and simple text changes with the convenience of seeing all your titles in one place.


Project Library

On the left hand of the screen, the Project Library contains a collection of templates that you can use inside Quick Edit or edit in the Title Designer. Select a collection and mouse over a title to preview it. Drag and drop or double click the title to apply it to your currently selected title.  

Quick Edit Screen

The Quick Edit screen is composed of several options. You can play, edit and preview your titles.


The screen preview allows you to see your title as you make changes to it. Click the play button to preview your title or select a point in time. You can also scrub through to view a desired point.



From the Quick Edit window, you can edit titles by changing the text fields to fit your needs. You can also set the duration of your title and save or open new templates. Click the Title Designer button to take full control of your title design.


Fit Modes

For variables with images, a Fit Mode drop-down menu will be available with a few options: Set To Fill, Set to Fit and Set to Conform.


Set to Fill: The selected image will fill all of the available space on an image variable without losing its proportions.

Set to Fit: The selected image will fit inside the image variable without cropping and will retain its aspect ratio. This means that sometimes the image will not fill the entirety of the variable area.

Set to Conform: The selected image will conform to fit the entirety of the available variable area but will disregard any aspect ratio and adjust to fit the entire image to fill the available variable space.

Title List

The lower left hand side of the window will list the titles currently in your video project. Click on any title to select that title and see its parameters.


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