Activating Titler Live 4 For Wirecast

If you recently purchased Wirecast Studio you have a license for Titler Live Express. If you purchased Wirecast Pro you have a license for Titler Live Present. As of this writing (July 2020) Titler Live is on version 4, however if you purchased Wirecast in the past your license may be for an older Titler Live version. If you are unsure which version you have please contact Telestream Support.

The watermark will appear on New Blue products that have not been activated in the New Blue Activation Manager. Common reasons for the watermark include;

  1. Not signing into the application manager
  2. Not entering the correct Serial Number
  3. Downloading the incorrect version of Titler
  4. Having multiple products installed (that aren't activated)


Please make sure that no NewBlue product is installed that you don't have a serial number for. To do this you can check your app manager to make sure that there are no incorrect programs installed.


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