Output graphics to a watch folder

If you're licensed for a version of Titler Live other than Express, you can output graphics as static PNG files to a watch folder which can be monitored by streaming applications.


  • PNG files are static files and won't include animations that may be present in your design.
  • This feature is not available in Titler Live Express.
  1. Create a watch folder on your computer where you want Titler Live to output your graphics.


  2. In Titler Live's playout interface, click the Outputs menu and choose Watch Folder Setup.
  3. In the setup dialog, enter a name for the project (this will be the name of the output PNG file), select the watch folder you previously created, and click Save.


  4. Click the Outputs menu again and choose Watch Folder.
  5. In your switcher, add the watch folder source location.
  6. In Titler Live's playlist, click a graphic's Play actions-btn-live.png button to write the graphic as a PNG file to the watch folder. Each time you play a graphic, Titler Live overwrites the previous graphic.

    Titler Live Broadcast and Complete users: If you have more than one playlist, you can only output graphics from the first playlist (the playlist on the left) to the watch folder. To reorder your playlists, click a playlist's tab and drag it to another position.


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