Customize Titler Live's layout

Titler Live is divided into panels which you can rearrange to create a view that reflects your workflow. Panels can snap into or float over other areas in Titler Live. You can also select predefined layouts and save one custom layout to use in future sessions.

Each time you open Titler Live, the view reflects the layout from your last session.

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Move panels

Click a panel's title bar and drag-and-drop the panel in Titler Live or anywhere on your desktop.

Save custom layouts

Choose View > Layout > Save current to Custom.

Open predefined and custom layouts

Choose View > Layout and select a layout.

Customize the Title Designer's workspace

If you create titles in the Title Designer, click the Edit Title Design button in the Attributes panel to open the Title Designer, then follow the same steps as described above to move panels and create custom layouts.

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