Set action behaviors

Titler Live comes with Action buttons to help you set the way your graphics behave when you push them live.

You can choose from Auto, Auto In, In/Out, and Take options. Once set, you can click on the button to perform that particular action on a graphic that is queued as next.

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Action buttons

Auto: This mode will play the full animation of your graphic. When a current graphic is active, it will finish a graphic's animation and animate the next graphic in seamlessly.

Auto In: This mode will play the first half of the total graphic's animation, skipping the "Out" animation. If a graphic is live, it will automatically move on to the next graphic and play the graphic's "In" animation.

In/Out: This mode will take a graphic's animation to the next step. For example, if a graphic is currently live, it will end the animation by playing the "Out" animation. If the graphic is currently queued, it will play the "In" animation.

Take: This mode will automatically cut the current graphic and immediately display the currently queued graphic. This is useful for quick, hard cuts or emergency situations.

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Auto-live mode

Click the AutoLive actions-btn-autolive.png button to start auto-live mode. You can choose from Auto, Auto In, or Take settings for your graphics.


You can see your graphics and make changes while a graphic is currently live. You may also click on the live state button to immediately push it live. The button turns red when that graphic is live.


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Live-state button legend

Live state buttons can be one of three colors. Yellow, Red, or Purple.


Red indicates a graphic that is currently live, where yellow indicates the next graphic in line to respond to a command.

A graphic that is currently live can also be queued up to listen to a command manually by clicking on the red live-state icon. This will turn the icon Purple.


This means that both your current graphic and the graphic with the yellow live-state icon will listen to your next action command.

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Linking and unlinking graphics

Note: You can link and unlink graphics only in Titler Live Broadcast.


Titler Live Broadcast comes with the option to link and unlink graphics in the playlist. Linked graphics are shown as a playlist icon with a downward arrow. A graphic becomes unlinked when the icon is disabled. Unlinked graphics are shown as bulleted items in a playlist.


Unlinking graphics from the playlist makes them immune to action buttons and essentially separates them from the rest of the playlist. They will be unaffected by any action commands unless indicated to do so. You can click on the live state icon of an unlinked graphic to set it as next to receive an action.

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