Titler Live playout interface overview

The playout interface in Titler Live is where you create a playlist of graphics, update text and other variables in graphics, preview graphics prior to a broadcast, and monitor graphics during a broadcast.

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Note for Broadcast Pix: Some features described in this article are not available in NewBlueNTX, as noted below where applicable.


  • You can move and resize panels in the playout interface to accommodate your workflow. For details, see Customize Titler Live's layout.
  • The Library includes collections of designs that you can add to a playlist. For details, see Library overview.

Project playlist

Note for Broadcast Pix: This feature is not available in NewBlueNTX.

A playlist is a set of one or more graphics that are ready to play during a broadcast. All Titler Live products allow you to create at least one playlist in each Titler Live project, but you can create 16 playlists in Titler Live Broadcast and two playlists in Titler Live Complete.

Each playlist is assigned a tab and its own specific NDI channel. In the following illustration, the playlist / NDI channels are called Lower 3rds, Bugs, and Scoreboard.


Drag a design from the Library into a playlist to create a new graphic.

Click on a graphic in the playlist to display it in the preview and edit its values in the Attributes panel.

Trigger a graphic for playback by clicking on the dot on the far right and clicking on one of the action buttons at the top of the list. See Set action behaviors for details.

For more information about playlists and playing graphics, see Create playlists and Play graphics in a specific sequence.

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Attributes and variables

The Attributes panel includes all variables and some playback controls that are available for the selected graphic.

To view or hide the Attributes panel, choose View > Attributes.

Enter values for variables in a graphic, or click the Edit Title Design button to open the Title Designer where you can edit every facet of a design. (Note: The Title Designer is not available in Titler Live Express.)

For more information, see Update variables in live graphics.


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Edit / Preview panel

See the currently selected graphic in the Edit / Preview panel, where you can view edits made to the graphic and view or change data inputs that are connected to objects in the design.

To view or hide the Edit / Preview panel, choose View > Edit / Preview.


Note for Broadcast Pix: The list of inputs shown in the previous illustration is not available in the Edit / Preview window in NewBlueNTX.

To reposition and scale the graphic from this panel, click on the graphic, then click and drag the graphic or the graphic's green handles. Double-click the graphic to reset the graphic's position and scale.

Click on the Preview In and Preview Out buttons to preview the transition animations.

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Live Monitor

Note for Broadcast Pix: This feature is not available in NewBlueNTX.

The Live Monitor panel shows Titler Live's output in real-time when you play graphics from one or more playlists (also called channels). The name of each playlist appears in the top-right corner, but the name isn't visible in the final output.

Note: You must be licensed for Titler Live Broadcast to play multiple graphics at the same time.

To view or hide the Live Monitor, choose View > Live Monitor.

To change the monitor's volume, click the Audio slider and drag it left or right. (This won't affect the output.)

To set the program's output, click the drop-down list in the bottom-right corner and select an output.


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