Add graphics to Livestream Studio productions

Most Titler Live products let you output graphics to Livestream Studio via NDI and display graphics as overlays with alpha channel support. This article describes how to add a Titler Live source to your Livestream Studio production and create an alpha channel for your graphic.

Note: NDI is not available in Titler Live Express.

Add a Titler Live source

  1. Open Titler Live and create a playlist of graphics that you want to include in your Livestream Studio production. For details, see Create playlists.
  2. In Titler Live, set your output to NDI.
  3. In Livestream Studio, click the Settings livestream-icon-settings.png button in the top-right corner.
  4. Click the Inputs menu.
  5. Click the Add livestream-icon-add-input.png button, enter a name for the input, and click OK.
  6. Click the Video Source drop-down list and select the NDI source from the list of NDI-enabled sources on your network.


  7. Click Save.

Your Titler Live graphic appears with all other inputs in your Livestream Studio multi-view. You can switch your graphic between Preview and Program monitors just like any other source.

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Create an alpha channel for a Titler Live graphic

  1. To enable an alpha channel with NDI, in Livestream Studio, navigate to a GFX menu and click the Add livestream-icon-add-input.png button > New Layer.
  2. Click the Add video source livestream-icon-paintbrush.png button.
  3. In the GFX Designer, click the Enter settings... livestream-icon-camera.png button to bring in your NDI source as a graphic. The first input source will appear.
  4. Click the input source graphic in the GFX Designer.
  5. Click the input source graphic's Settings livestream-icon-source-settings.png button, then select the NDI source.


    Notice the graphic has a transparent background rather than a black background.

  6. If desired, use the available settings to adjust the graphic's appearance. In the following example, we scaled the title to create a full-screen graphic.


  7. When you are satisfied with your graphic's appearance, close the GFX Designer.

Now you can use the graphics overlay controls in the top-right corner of Livestream Studio to bring in your Titler Live graphic as an overlay with alpha channel support.

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