Add graphics to NewTek TriCaster productions

Most Titler Live products let you output titles to your NewTek TriCaster with NDI and AirSend.

Note: NDI and AirSend are not available in Titler Live Express.

To get started, see the following sections.

See how to use Titler Live Broadcast with NewTek TriCaster

Please note this video features an older version of Titler Live Broadcast, but the general concepts are the same in the latest version.

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Set up graphics in TriCaster 4.0 or 3.2

  1. Open Titler Live and create a playlist of graphics that you want to include in your TriCaster production. For details, see Create playlists.
  2. In Titler Live, set your output to NDI.

    Want to output to AirSend instead of NDI? If you're running a Windows operating system, you can set your output to AirSend, the classic two-channel TriCaster option.

  3. Follow the steps below to set up TriCaster version 4.0 or 3.2.

    • TriCaster 4.0 — To set up TriCaster 4.0 to receive NDI from Titler Live, click the Setup button for one of the inputs, then select a Titler Live channel.
    • TriCaster 3.2 — To select the NDI channel you want to receive, click the Setup button for NET1 or NET2, then select a Titler Live channel from the drop-down list. (Note that TriCaster 3.2 supports only two NDI channels, which are assigned to NET1 and NET2.)

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Use macros to control graphics in TriCaster

  1. In TriCaster, click the Macros menu to access the Macro Configuration Editor.
  2. Click the Add Macro button, name the macro, then click the Edit button.
  3. In the Shortcut column, enter the channel that your Titler Live stream is coming into by typing net and then the number. For example, if your stream is coming into Input1, enter net1.
  4. In the Value column, enter newblue.
  5. View or download a list of NewTek macros (PDF) new-window.png, then complete the following steps.
    1. In the Key column, enter one of the ACTIONS listed in the NewTek Macros PDF.
    2. In the Value column, enter one of the DESIGNATORS listed in the NewTek Macros PDF.

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