Timeline overview

When you customize graphics in the Title Designer, which is available in most Titler Live products except Express, the timeline area is where you control the duration and order of elements in your graphics.

Note: The Title Designer is not available in Titler Live Express.

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Open a graphic in the Title Designer

In Titler Live's playout interface, select a graphic in the playlist, then click the Edit Title Design button in the Attributes panel.

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Set a design's playback duration

Enter a duration in the Titler field, which is near the bottom-right corner of the Title Designer's Preview window. Enter durations in MM:SS;FF format (MM = two digits for minutes, SS = two digits for seconds, and FF = two digits for frames).


Note: If the timeline includes an elastic region, which is identified by the green Middle bar at the top of the timeline, Titler Live can pause the design at that moment during a broadcast until the operator animates out the design. For more information, see Create custom designs with flexible durations.

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Move text and objects in time

Text appears in a graphic based on the text layer's position and length in the timeline.

To change a paragraph or object's position in time, click a layer in the timeline and drag the layer left or right. Or, you can press CTRL (Windows) or CMD (Mac) + left or right arrow keys.

To trim or extend a layer, click the beginning or end of a layer in the timeline and drag it left or right.

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Order layers

Click a layer and drag it up or down to a different track in the timeline. Or, you can press CTRL (Windows) or CMD (Mac) + up or down arrow keys.

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Show and hide layers

Click the Show/Hide Track icon-showhide.png icon to turn layers on and off. Hidden layers are not included in rendered graphics.

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Show and hide a layer's details

Click the triangle icon-expand-collapse.png next to the Show/Hide track icon to show or hide a layer's attributes, such as effects or transitions.


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