Preview and use designs from the library

Titler Live's library includes collections of all designs that are installed with Titler Live, which can be designs that come with Titler Live, custom designs you have created and saved to the library, and design collections you purchased separately.

Titler Live's library includes complete project designs when you're working in the playout interface or the Title Designer. When you're working in the Title Designer, the library also includes collections of styles, effects, transitions, shapes, and lighting so you can quickly apply preset attributes to designs.

Note: The Title Designer is not available in Titler Live Express.

  1. Open a new or existing project in Titler Live.

    Note: The first time you open Titler Live, a new project with a new playlist opens in Titler Live's playout interface.

  2. In Titler Live's playout interface, click the Library panel's Expand icon-library-expand.png icon to open the library.

    Tip: If the Library panel is not visible, choose View > Library. A checkmark appears next to the Library command when the Library panel is visible.


  3. Double-click a category folder to view designs in that collection.
  4. Hover the pointer over a design's thumbnail image to preview that design in the Edit / Preview panel.
  5. To add a design to the playlist, double-click a design, or click and drag a design to the playlist.

    Tip: If you're licensed for Titler Live Broadcast or Complete, you can create more than one playlist. See Create playlists for details.

  6. To update the selected design's placeholder values for a broadcast, see Update variables in live graphics.
  7. To customize the selected design with preset attributes from the library, click the Edit Title Design button in the Attributes or Edit / Preview panel to open the design in the Title Designer, then complete the following steps.

    Note: The Title Designer is not available in Titler Live Express.

    1. Select an object in your design that you want to customize with attributes from the library.
    2. Click the Expand icon-expand-library.png button to expand the Library panel.
    3. Select a type of attribute from the drop-down list at the top of the Library panel. For descriptions of available attributes, please see Library overview.
    4. If necessary, double-click a category folder to view attributes in that collection.
    5. Hover your pointer over a thumbnail image to preview that attribute on the selected object in your design.
    6. Double-click a thumbnail image to apply that attribute your design.
    7. Repeat the previous steps to further customize your design.
    8. When you're finished, click the Keep changes btn-keep-changes.png button in the bottom-right corner of the Timeline panel to save the design to your project's current session and close the Title Designer.

      Tip: If you want to reuse or customize this design in future projects, you can save the design to your computer to save the design to the library.

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