This article lists actions you can perform with keyboard shortcuts in different areas of Titler Live.

Note for Broadcast Pix: The playout interface is not available in NewBlueNTX.

Area Action Shortcut (Windows/Mac)
Playout interface    
  Open project Ctrl/Cmd + O
  Create new project Ctrl/Cmd + N
  Save project Ctrl/Cmd + S
  Save project as Ctrl/Cmd + S + Up arrow
  Close Titler Live Ctrl/Cmd + Q
  View/hide Attributes panel F3
  View/hide Library panel F4
  View/hide Live Monitor panel F5
  View/hide Edit / Preview panel F6
  Select graphics in playlist Type name of graphic (with Settings > Instant Search enabled)
  Select spreadsheet data connected to graphics in playlist Type name of graphic + the plus sign + data (with Settings > Instant Search enabled)
  Play graphic in and out Spacebar (when graphic is selected)
  Access more contextual options Right-click / Control + click
Title Designer    
  Open design Ctrl/Cmd + O
  Create new design Ctrl/Cmd + N
  Save design as Ctrl/Cmd + S + Up arrow
  Cut object Ctrl/Cmd + X
  Copy object Ctrl/Cmd + C
  Paste object or image Ctrl/Cmd + V
  Undo Ctrl/Cmd + Z
  Delete Del/Backspace
  View/hide Attributes panel F3
  View/hide Library panel F4
  View/hide Timeline panel F5
  Close Titler Designer Ctrl/Cmd + Q
  Export image to file Ctrl/Cmd + P
  Copy image to clipboard Ctrl/Cmd + J
  Save design as movie file Ctrl/Cmd + M
  Select all objects Ctrl/Cmd + A
  More contextual options Right-click / Control+click
  Move paragraph in X and Y position Arrow keys
  Move cursor one letter Left/Right arrow
  Move cursor one word Ctrl/Option + Left/Right arrow
  Move cursor to beginning of text line Home / Cmd + Left arrow
  Move cursor to end of text line End / Cmd + Right arrow
  Disable snapping position to guides or grid Alt/Option + drag object
  Select multiple sequential characters Shift + Left/Right arrow
  Select multiple sequential words Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + Left/Right arrow
  Resize object in scale and pin opposite side Shift + Drag object's handle
  Resize object in scale from center Alt/Option + Drag object's handle
  Duplicate object Win: Ctrl + H
Mac: Cmd + Shift + H
  Hide handle controls on selected objects Ctrl/Cmd + R
  Show/hide ruler Ctrl/Cmd + R
  Show/hide safe margins Ctrl/Cmd + T
  Show/hide snapping grid Ctrl/Cmd + E
  Center object in frame Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + X
  Center object vertically Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + V
  Center object horizontally Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + C
  Group objects Ctrl/Cmd + G
  Ungroup objects Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + G
  Bring object forward Ctrl/Cmd + Up arrow
  Send object backward Ctrl/Cmd + Down arrow
  Align left edges of selected objects with left-most selected object Shift + Left arrow
  Align right edges of selected objects with right-most selected object Shift + Right arrow
  Align top edges of objects with top-most object Shift + Up arrow
  Align bottom edges of objects with bottom-most object Shift + Down arrow
  Insert cursor in selected paragraph Enter
  Access more contextual options Right-click / Control + click
  Zoom workspace Ctrl/Cmd + +/- or scroll mouse wheel
Timeline in Title Designer    
  Move layer forward one frame Right arrow / Cmd + Right arrow
  Move layer backward one frame Left arrow / Cmd + Left arrow
  Play forward L or Spacebar
  Pause K
  Play backward (1x, 2x, 3x; press spacebar to stop) J
  Select multiple noncontiguous layers Ctrl/Cmd + Click layers
  Select multiple contiguous layers Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + Click first and last layers
  Trim layer and stretch transitions and keyframes Alt + Drag
  Group paragraphs Ctrl/Cmd + G
  Ungroup paragraphs Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + G
  Move playhead to first frame Home / Fn + Left arrow
  Move playhead to last frame End / Fn + Right arrow
Video Trimmer in Title Designer    
  Trim video texture in I
  Trim video texture out O
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