Play animations during pause points in a design

If your design includes pause points in the timeline, you can play an object's animations or keyframes through those pause points.

Note: Pause points, which refer to Titler Pro's elastic timeline feature, are not available when using Titler Pro 7 with Grass Valley EDIUS or AVID Media Composer.

  1. Open a graphic in Titler Pro.

    Tip: For details about using Titler Pro with a video editor, see one of the articles in the Add graphics to projects in your video editor section of our help center.

  2. Select the animated object in your design that you want to play through a pause point in the timeline.
  3. In the NTX Playback Features section of the Attributes > Object > Global tab, mark the Play-through option.
  4. Preview the design and make any necessary changes.
  5. Save the design.

During playback, the animations or keyframes in the selected layer will play continuously through any pause points in the timeline.

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