Crawl objects in a design

When you customize graphics, you can apply crawling behaviors to individual objects, such as text and shapes, and groups of objects in your design. Objects crawl from the right side of an object's bounding box to the left side of a bounding box in a specified amount of time, even through pause points in the design.

Note: The crawl setting works with static layers and cannot be combined with other animations.

  1. Open a graphic in Titler Pro.

    Tip: For details about using Titler Pro with a video editor, see one of the articles in the Add graphics to projects in your video editor section of our help center.

  2. Select the object or group of objects in your design that you want to crawl.
  3. If necessary, click and drag the left and right sides of the bounding box to set the width of the crawl.
  4. In the NTX Playback Features section of the Attributes > Object > Global tab, mark the Crawl option.
  5. In the Crawl Time field, enter the number of seconds that you want the object to crawl.


  6. Preview the design and make any necessary changes.
  7. Save the design.
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