Preview and use designs from the library

Titler Pro's library includes collections of all designs that come with Titler Pro, custom designs you create and save to the library, and collections you purchase separately. Follow the steps in this article to create new designs or modify existing designs.

  1. Create or open a project in your video editor.
  2. If you haven't already done so, add a Titler Pro graphic to your project. For details, see one of the articles in the Add graphics to projects in your video editor section of our help center.
  3. Open the graphic in Titler Pro.
  4. Click the Library panel's Expand icon-expand-library.png icon to open the library.

    Tip: Choose View > Library to show or hide the Library panel. There is a checkmark next to the Library command when the Library panel is visible.

  5. Select Project Templates from the drop-down list at the top of the Library panel.
  6. Double-click a folder in the library to view designs in that collection.
  7. Hover the pointer over a design in the library to see a preview of the design in the workspace.
  8. Double-click a thumbnail image to use that design.
  9. To customize the design with preset attributes from the library, see Preview and use attributes from the library.
  10. Once you add a design to a project, you can update a design's variables and customize its appearance in the workspace.
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