Connect Facebook Live comments to a design

Titler Live can curate and display Facebook Live comments in your graphics. If you have Titler Live Sport, Present, or Express, complete the steps in this article to connect to Facebook Live.

Note: If you have Titler Live Broadcast, Complete, and Social and want to connect to Facebook Live, please see Connect social media data to a design.

  1. In Titler Live's playout interface, open a project (if a project isn't already open) and select a graphic in the playlist.

    Tip: Want to create a new graphic? Open the Library panel and drag a design from the library to the playlist. The Library's Inputs > Social section includes several designs that were created specifically to display Facebook Live comments. If you create a new graphic with a social design from the library's Inputs section, your graphic is already connect to a social input, so go to step 3. If you create a new graphic from the library's Designs section, complete step 2 to add the Social Express input to your graphic.

  2. Choose Inputs > Social > Social Express to add the input to your graphic.

    The Social Express input appears in the Input drop-down list in the Attributes panel and in the playlist for that graphic. In addition, the Social Express input and its variables appear in the Edit / Preview panel.


    • You can also add inputs to a graphic from the Input drop-down list in the Attributes panel or playlist.
    • To remove an input from a graphic, right-click (Windows) or Control + click (Mac) on the name of an input in the Edit / Preview panel and choose Remove input.
  3. Click the Show Inputs button in the Edit / Preview panel to view the Social Express input and variables. (If the input's variables aren't visible, expand the Social Express list.)
  4. Click and drag a Social Express variable onto an object in your graphic. Repeat this step for each variable you want to include in your graphic.

    Tip: To disconnect a variable from an object in your graphic, right-click a variable in the Edit / Preview panel and choose Disconnect variable.


  5. If you want to access and curate your Facebook Live feed from your Internet browser instead of from Titler Live’s Social Express panel, click the Open in Browser button in the Social Express panel.


  6. In the Social Express panel or browser window, click the Login button. A new login / authorization window opens.

    Note: If you’re using your Internet browser instead of Titler Live’s Social Express panel and you don’t see the login / authorization window, your internet browser’s pop-up blocker may have prevented the window from opening. Check your browser for blocked pop-ups and open the blocked window or temporarily disable your browser’s pop-up blocker.

  7. In the login / authorization window, follow the on-screen instructions to connect to Facebook Live.
  8. Enter the Video URL that you want to monitor for comments.
  9. In the Facebook Live screen, complete the following steps.

    1. If you don't want to include every comment in the feed, enter one or more words in the Search and/or Exclude from search fields to include or exclude comments that match specific terms. You can use Boolean operators (and, or, and not) and quotations to refine your search.
    2. To further refine the types comments that Titler Live includes in the feed, mark the checkbox for any of the filters.
    3. If you want Titler Live to regularly monitor Facebook Live and update the feed, mark the Get comments checkbox and enter a number, in seconds, for how frequently Titler Live should check for comments.
    4. Click the Get Comments button to display comments in the feed.
    5. If you want to add comments to a playlist before playing those comments in your graphic, click the Open Playlist button to open the Playlist panel, then click the + button next to each comment that you want to add to the playlist.
    6. Click the Play button next to each comment that you want to display in your graphic.
  10. In Titler Live, select the desired output from the Outputs menu.
  11. To start the broadcast, click the graphic's Play button in Titler Live's playlist.
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