Add graphics in Avid Media Composer

When you install Titler Pro 7, it is automatically added to any major non-linear editor (NLE) on your computer. Follow the steps below to add Titler Pro 7 graphics as effects in Avid Media Composer projects.

  1. Open a project in Media Composer.
  2. Add a video track and select in timeline to highlight.
  3. Add edit points in the timeline where you want to insert the Titler Pro graphic. To do so, click the Add Edits button in the Tool Palette, then click the location in the timeline where you want to edit the track.
  4. Click NewBlue Titler Pro 7 in the Effect Palette and drag the Titler Pro effect to the edit points in the timeline.


    The graphic opens in Titler Pro.

  5. Customize the graphic in Titler Pro's workspace. You can select a design from Titler Pro's library, including custom designs you may have already created and saved to the library, or create your own design. For details, see Create graphics in Titler Pro 7.
  6. When you finish customizing the graphic, click the Keep changes  button in the bottom-right corner of the Timeline panel to save the graphic to your project's current session and close Titler Pro.


    • The first time you close Titler Pro after creating a new graphic, you'll be prompted to save the Titler Pro project. Enter a name for the *.nbtitle project file, navigate to the location where you want to save the project and cache, and click Save.
    • The graphic's resolution and frame rate are determined by the project's settings in Media Composer.
  7. To change the duration of the graphic, click and drag the edge of the effect in the timeline.

Tip: Create a Titler Pro graphic from another graphic

If you copy and paste a Titler Pro graphic in a Media Composer project to create another graphic, any changes you make to either graphic are automatically applied to both copies of the graphic. To create a copy of a Titler Pro graphic that you can customize without changing the original graphic, save the original graphic to Titler Pro's library and create a new graphic based on that design, as described in the following steps.

  1. If you haven't already done so, complete the steps in the previous section to add a Titler Pro graphic to a Media Composer project.
  2. Open the graphic in Titler Pro and save the graphic to Titler Pro's library. For details, see Save complete designs to the library.
  3. Repeat the steps in the previous section and select the previously saved graphic from the library to add a new Titler Pro graphic to the Media Composer project.
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