Add video sequences to a playlist

Create a video sequence, such as a commercial break, if you want to play multiple videos in a row during a broadcast. In Presto StretchCast Standard, you can create one video sequence per project. In Presto StretchCast Premium, you can create as many video sequences as you need in any project.

  1. Open a project or create a new project for a sporting event.
  2. Click Settings if Settings isn't already open. (It opens automatically when you create a new project.)
  3. To create a new video sequence, in Media > Video Sequence, click Add btn-add.png, then select one or more videos that you want to include in the sequence.

    Tip: To add videos to an existing sequence, click a sequence, then click Add New.


  4. To change the order of videos in a sequence, click the Up btn-move-up.png and Down btn-move-down.png arrows for the videos that you want to move. Videos play in the order they are listed.
  5. To create another video sequence (which is only available in StretchCast Premium), repeat the previous steps.
  6. Click Done to close Settings, or click Next to continue customizing the project’s settings.
  7. To save the project, close Settings, then choose File > Save As, name the project, select StretchCast with Assets from the drop-down list, and click Save. For details, see Save and package StretchCast projects to your computer.

Each video sequence appears in the playlist in the playout interface.

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