Control scoreboards during broadcasts

You can choose to update a scoreboard with data from XML files that are created by PrestoStats, Sportzcast, or similar applications, or you can manually enter scoreboard data. This article includes general information about how to control any scoreboard.

  1. Open a project or create a new project for a sporting event.
  2. If you have not already selected a scoreboard data source, go to Settings > Data Source and select a source in the Scoreboard section. For details, see Select data sources for graphics.
  3. To open a scoreboard controller in the Graphic Controls monitor, select a scoreboard in the playlist.


    • To add a scoreboard to the project's playlist, see Add graphics to a playlist.
    • To control a scoreboard from an Internet browser or another computer, click the Open Remote Control btn-open-remote.png button at the top of the Graphic Controls monitor, then either click the Open in Browser button or follow the on-screen instructions to open the controller from a remote machine.


    Note: A scoreboard controller's features vary depending on the sport and type of scoreboard data source selected in the project's settings. For details, see Create projects for sporting events.

  4. If you're setting up a manual scoreboard and you want to customize a scoreboard controller's default settings, such as the length of a game clock, click the Settings button in the scoreboard controller and customize the controller's settings.
  5. To update a scoreboard's information, click the buttons or enter information in the scoreboard controller.

    When you enter or select data in the controller, StretchCast recaches the scoreboard and shows the updated scoreboard in the Graphic Preview monitor.

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