Broadcast sporting events

  1. Open a project or create a new project for a sporting event.
  2. In Settings, update project settings that are unique to the next broadcast, such as the sport, visiting team's information, graphics, data sources for scoreboards and other graphics, videos, and outputs. For details, see Create projects for sporting events.

    When you finish updating the project's settings, click Done in Settings to save the settings to the project's current session. Then, if you want to save the project's settings for future sessions, click File > Save from within the playout interface.


    • We recommend you create a unique project for each type of sporting event that you plan to broadcast. To create a new project with settings that are similar to an existing project (such as the home team, video and audio sources, and outputs), open a similar project, click File > Save As and save a copy of the project with a different name, then change only the settings that are different in the new project.
    • The sport you select determines which graphics are available in the project. If you update an existing project and change the sport, you also need to select new graphics.


  3. In StretchCast's playout interface, click a scoreboard or other graphic in the playlist to preview the graphic and, if applicable, enter stats, messages, or other information. For details, see the following articles.
  4. Select an output from the drop-down list near the top of the playout interface. If you set up a streaming option in Settings > Output, stream events with PrestoSports StretchLive and Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP), or broadcast events to NDI- or HDMI-enabled devices. For details, see the following articles.


  5. To record a broadcast, including the output and its sources (if those options are enabled in Settings > Output), click the Record button at the top of the playout interface. For details, see Record broadcasts.
  6. Select a video source in the Video Switcher to include that video source in the live output. For details, see Switch video sources during broadcasts.
  7. Click Play btn-play.png for each graphic and video in the playlist that you want to broadcast.

    Tip: You can adjust audio input levels and the master volume during a broadcast in Settings > Audio Input. For details, see Control audio levels during broadcasts.


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