Select data sources for graphics

Graphics can display data from a variety of sources. Manually enter scores, stats, and messages in graphics, display data from XML files that are created by PrestoStats or similar applications, display data from spreadsheets, and control scoreboards from a SportzCast Scorebot device.

Note: XML and spreadsheet data sources are only available in StretchCast Premium.

Tip: To connect a video source to a picture-in-picture graphic, see Create picture-in-picture graphics.

  1. Open a project or create a new project for a sporting event.
  2. Click Settings if Settings isn't already open. (It opens automatically when you create a new project.)
  3. In Data Source, select a data source from each Source drop-down list in the Scoreboard, Stats, and Generic sections. Each section represents a type of graphic that you can add to the project's playlist.

    The following table shows which data sources work with different types of graphics.

    Graphics Data sources for graphics
      Manual entry XML* Spreadsheet* SportzCast
    Stats: Single player  
    Stats: Player lower thirds  
    Stats: Corner info  
    Stats: Player comparisons  
    Stats: Lineups  
    Stats: Headshots  
    Stats: Team player matchups  
    Stats: Team matchups  
    Generic: Lower thirds    
    Generic: Sponsor messages    

    * XML and spreadsheet data sources are only available in StretchCast Premium.


  4. Depending on the types of data sources you selected, you may need to complete one or more of the following tasks.
    • XML — If you selected XML as a Scoreboard or Stats data source, enter the File Path to the XML file created by PrestoStats or a similar application.
    • Spreadsheet — If you selected Spreadsheet as a Stats or Generic data source, create an XLSX or CSV file with the data that you want to include in a graphic. For details about how to structure data in the file to display as you intend, see Create spreadsheet data files.
    • Sportzcast — If you selected SportzCast as the Scoreboard data source, you also need to connect a Sportzcast Scorebot device to a scoreboard in the project's playlist. For details, see Connect Sportzcast data to a scoreboard.
  5. Click Done to close Settings, or click Next to continue customizing the project's settings.
  6. To save the project, close Settings, then choose File > Save As, name the project, select StretchCast with Assets from the drop-down list, and click Save. For details, see Save and package StretchCast projects to your computer.
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