Update multiple graphics that share the same design

If you have a project that includes multiple graphics that you want to redesign, you can choose to share design changes between graphics, so changes that you make to layouts, objects, animations, and other attributes in one graphic are automatically applied to other graphics.

  1. In your non-linear video editor (NLE), open a project that includes at least two Titler Pro graphics.

    Tip: To create and open Titler Pro graphics in your NLE, see one of the articles in the Add graphics to projects in your video editor section of our help center.

  2. Open a graphic in Titler Pro.
  3. In Titler Pro's Title List panel, click Unshared in the Design Sharing column for a graphic that you share with another graphic, then select the name of a graphic from the drop-down list. Repeat this step for each graphic that you want share a common design.


    Titler Pro updates the graphic displayed in the workspace to match the design of the graphic you selected in the Design Sharing drop-down list. Changes that you make to any shared graphic are automatically applied to all graphics that share the same design.


    • To see which graphics are shared with each other, select a shared graphic in the Title List. All graphics that share the same design are highlighted in the Title List.
    • To stop sharing a graphic, select Unshared from a graphic's Design Sharing drop-down list.
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