Loop videos and animations in a design

When you customize graphics in the Title Designer, you can loop videos and animations to create dynamic backgrounds. During playback, the affected object in the design will loop continuously, even through a pause point in the timeline.

Note: The Title Designer and the features described in this article are only available in StretchCast Premium.

  1. Open a graphic in the Title Designer.
  2. In the Title Designer, select the animated object in your design that you want to loop.
  3. In the NTX Playback Features section of the Attributes > Object > Global tab, mark the Loop option.
  4. Enter a time, in seconds, that the object's animation should start and end in the Loop Start and Loop End fields.

    Tip: You can move the playhead in the timeline and click one of the Use Cursor buttons to enter the playhead's position as the loop's start or end time.


  5. Enter a time, in seconds, in the Loop Delay field to specify how much time should lapse between loops.
  6. Preview the design and make any necessary changes.
  7. After you finish editing the design, click the Keep changes btn-keep-changes.png button in the bottom-right corner of the Timeline panel to save the design to your project's current session and close the Title Designer.
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