Choose designs from the library in Titler Pro 7 Express

When you create a Titler Pro 7 Express graphic in Avid Media Composer, the default design includes variables for a basic title and subtitle, but you can choose more detailed designs from the library. Designs may include variables for text, colors, images, and videos.

  1. Open Media Composer.
  2. Right-click a Titler Pro 7 Express graphic in your composition and choose Add/Edit Titles. The graphic opens in Titler Pro Express.

    Tip: To add a Titler Pro 7 Express graphic to your composition, see Add graphics in Avid Media Composer.

  3. In the design library, double-click a folder to view designs in that collection.
  4. To preview a design, hover the pointer over a design.


  5. Double-click a design to select it.

    The design's variables appear in the Attributes panel.

  6. In the Attributes panel, enter text and, if applicable, enter values for other variables that may be in the design. (Some variables are not in every design.)
  7. To save the design and add it to the clip, choose File > Save As and follow the prompts to select a file location and enter a name for the graphic.
  8. Close Titler Pro 7 Express.

    Note: If the Media Composer project includes more than one Titler Pro graphic, you may be prompted to save the graphics together or separately. If you select Save Together, Titler Pro 7 Express saves all graphics to the same file location and with a file name that is based on the same name. If you select Save Separately, you will be prompted to save one graphic at a time, which allows you to save each graphic with a custom file location or file name.

  9. To change the duration of the graphic, click and drag the edge of the effect in Media Composer's timeline.
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