How to Use Graphic Wipe

Graphic Wipe flies an image of your choosing across the screen to serve as the transition animation between two clips.



First, choose a PNG file to serve as the transition image. Next, choose the Direction, Mode and Velocity for the transition. Adjust the Zoom control to set the size of the image. Optionally add Motion Blur and use Seam Width to adjust the feathering between the video clips.

Note: The PNG image is saved inside your NLE project by Graphic Wipe. When transferring the project or opening it on another computer you do not need to include the PNG file.

Note: For best results you will want to use a PNG file that includes transparency information. If the file does not include transparency, any background color in the image will be displayed by Graphic Wipe. 

  • The PNG File group lets you select which file to use as your graphic to fly across the screen.
    • Open File opens a file browser where you can pick the PNG file to use.
    • Clear Image removes the currently selected PNG file.
  • Direction: Chooses the direction for your graphic to fly, and subsequently, the direction for the transition to take place.
  • Mode: Lets you choose how the video clips animate during the transition.
    • Wipe: The first clip is wiped away, revealing the second clip. Both videos stay in their original positions and only the graphic moves.
    • Bump: Pushes the first clip out of the way while the second replaces it.
    • Slide in: The second clip slides in on top of the first clip.
    • Slide out: The first clip slides out, revealing the second clip.
  • Velocity: Adjusts the speed at which the transition animation takes place.
    • Ease In: Begins the animation slowly and ends quickly.
    • Ease Out: Begins the animation quickly and ends slowly.
    • Smooth: Slows the beginning and end of the animation while speeding up the middle.
    • Linear: No change in velocity throughout the animation.
  • Zoom: Adjusts the size of the graphic.
  • Motion Blur: Determines the level of blurring the graphic will display as it moves. Set to 0 for no motion blur, and 100 for full motion blur.
  • Seam Width: Adjusts the feathering between video clips. At 0, there will be a sharp vertical line between clips with no overlap. At higher settings, the clips will overlap and have a semi-transparent edge where you can see both at the same time.
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