Profile name and picture don't show up in Facebook comments in Titler Live

Recently Facebook made a change which is causing profile names and pictures to not show up alongside comments in Titler Live.

To get the link for your video to paste into Titler Live:

  • Go to the Videos section of your Facebook page
  • Find the video that you want to get comments from and click on the Description to open, not the thumbnail picture Facebook_1.jpg
  • The video should open and the address bar in your web browser will have a link that is mainly a series of numbersFacebook_2.jpg
  • Make sure that it does not look like the address in the following picture, with the name of your page visible in the linkFacebook_3.jpg
  • Copy and paste the link into Titler Live


Tip: The first number in the link (right after ) actually represents your Facebook page and that won't change. So once you have that number you can actually enter it into any video link yourself.

Note: if you followed the above steps and are still having issues, please ensure that:

  • You are signed in with an owner or admin account for the page that the video is posted to that you are retrieving comments from.
  • You checked the permissions boxes upon signing in to the Facebook input.  
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