Creating your first project in VividCast

  1. When you first launch VividCast you will be greeted by the Getting Started page. You can choose to Create a new project, Open an existing project, or pick a Template Project. Once you've been using VividCast for awhile you will also see a list of Recent Projects to pick from.



  2. If you selected "Create a new project" then the project's Setup page opens (if you selected a Template Project then the Settings page will not open). To access the settings later, click Setup in VividCast's playout interface.Project_Settings.png

  3. In Setup > Project, set up the following details.
    1. Select the live output's preset resolution and frame rate. For details, see Set the live output's resolution and frame rate.
  4. In Live Video Input, select up to four video sources in VividCast For details, see Add video sources.
  5. In Live Audio Input, select up to four audio sources in VividCast from any video source added to the project and any microphone connected to your computer. For details, see Add audio sources.
  6. In Graphics, select graphics that you want to add to the project's playlist, including lower thirds, bugs, full page graphics, and more. For details, see the following article.
  7. Optional: In Media, add video clips to include in a project's playlist. For details, see the following articles.
  8. In Streaming, set options to VividCast an event with the service of your choice. For details, see Set streaming options
  9. In Recording, set options to record your VividCast to a file for later playback or uploading. For details, see Set recording options
  10. In ATEM, you can configure camera cuts to pair with stinger transitions with your ATEM switcher. Read Setting Up ATEM with VividCast to learn more about how to use this integration.
  11. Click Done.
  12. To save the project, choose File > Save As, name the project, select Vividcast Project with Assets from the drop-down list, and click Save. For details, see Save and package VividCast projects to your computer.

The project's graphics and videos are ready to update with data and preview for the next event. For details, see Broadcast live events.


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