Add media files to a playlist

  1. Open a project or create a new project for a live event.
  2. Click Setup if Settings isn't already open. (It opens automatically when you create a new project.)
  3. In Media > Media Files, click Add Video, Audio, or Image Files, then select one or more media files to add them to the project's playlist.



    • To remove a video from a sequence, click X for the video that you want to remove.
    • To loop a video during playback, click a video's Loop btn-loop.png button.
    • To mute a video during playback, click a video's Mute btn-mute.png button.
  4. Click Done to close Setup or click Next to continue customizing the project's settings.
  5. To save the project, close Settings, then choose File > Save As, name the project, select VividCast project with Assets from the drop-down list, and click Save. For details, see Save and package VividCast projects to your computer.

Each video appears in the playlist in the playout interface.

Imported media clips can be confirmed for compatibility if they can be played using Windows Media Player or Quicktime Player. 

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