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  • I just purchased Wirecast, do I own Titler Live too?
    • Yes. If you purchased Wirecast Studio you have a license for Titler Live Express. If you purchased Wirecast Pro you have a license for Titler Live Present. As of this writing (July 2020) Titler Live is on version 4, however if you purchased Wirecast in the past your license may be for an older Titler Live version. If you are unsure which version you have please contact Telestream Support.
  • So I own Titler Live, but where do I actually get it?
  • I've got Titler Live installed now but how do I use it with Wirecast?
  • When I use Titler Live my video has a red X and your logo displayed over it. How do I get rid of that?
    • What you're seeing is a watermark and it means that Titler Live isn't activated. Please see the Activating Titler Live article for more information. 
  • I tried to activate Titler Live but I don't have a serial number. Where can I find that?
    • The order confirmation email for your Wirecast purchase should include a serial number for Titler Live, or a link to click on that will take you to your serial number. Please examine the email carefully as it includes a lot of information. If you're unable to locate a serial number or a link please contact Telestream Support
  • I tried to activate Titler Live but I got an error message saying the "Serial Number Is Already In Use In Another Account." What does that mean?
    • Frequently, but not always, when you purchase Wirecast the serial numbers for Titler Live are automatically added to the NewBlue servers under the email address that was used to purchase Wirecast. If you've logged into the NewBlue Application Manager under a different email address then you will get this error message. If possible, please login to the App Manager under the same email address that you used for your Wirecast purchase. If that's not possible please contact NewBlue support and we can assist you in transferring the Titler Live license to another account.
  • I tried to activate Titler Live but after entering my serial number I couldn't click the OK button.
    • Please make sure you installed the version of Titler Live that you have a license for. You'll only be able to click the OK button if your serial number matches the version of Titler Live you have installed.
  • I like Titler Live but there are some features I really wish that it had.
    • We make several different versions of Titler Live that include different features and connectivity for different situations, you can compare them all here. Should you decide to purchase one of these additional Titler Live versions, as a Wirecast owner you are eligible for an upgrade discount. Make sure that you're signed into the NewBlue account that has your Titler Live license and you will see the discounted pricing.
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