How to Connect Data to Design Elements


After selecting an input for your graphic from the Graphics Control dropdown menu, you will now have a new option in the "Hamburger" menu: Connect Data to Design Elements


Note: This option is not available when Graphics Control is set to Manual Entry.


After selecting Connect Data to Design Elements, a new window will pop up. If you are using the Social Pro input like in this example, most of the variables will be automatically connected to the graphic already. On the other hand, if you are using the Spreadsheet input, you will need to manually connect each variable to your graphic.


On the left side of the interface is a list of the variables that you can connect to your graphic. Any variables shown in bold are already connected to a field in the graphic, and any that are not in bold (in this example, "Likes") are not connected. 



As you move your mouse over the graphic, any areas that are already attached to a variable will show a white bounding box and display the name of the variable. Areas of the graphic marked by a red bounding box are not attached to any variables.

Note: Any areas of the graphic that remain unconnected to a variable (that keep the red bounding box) will not be displayed when data is loaded from your selected controller. For example, when displaying Facebook comments, the spot for the photograph on the far right is not connected to anything and it will not be displayed.




To connect an unused variable to your graphic, simply click on the variable name and drag it to a spot on your graphic. In this example, we are connecting Facebook Likes to the counter in the graphic. As soon as the variable is attached, its name turns bold, indicating that it is now being used.



To disconnect a variable from your graphic, simply right-click on it and select Disconnect Variable. Once the variable is disconnected, its name will no longer display as bold.

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