Setting Up ATEM with VividCast

Titler Live supports a unique integration with Blackmagic Design's ATEM switcher hardware devices.

  1. Once you have successfully connected your ATEM to VividCast, the ATEM category will appear when opening the Setup at the top of the window. 
  2. Enable Sync to ATEM. Enabling this will automatically populate with the ATEM device's IP address and model. 
  3. Click Connect.

The integrations supported by VividCast for ATEM devices are the following: 

Pairing Transitions from VividCast with ATEM Transition Effects

Titler Live's ATEM Setup provides an interface for assigning transition graphics from your playlist to overlay onto ATEM production. Follow the steps below and watch this video for instructions. 

  1. Enable Sync Transitions with ATEM Effects.
  2. Use the drop-down menu next to the ATEM Transition Effect names to select a transition from the playlist to pair with the ATEM Transition Effect.
  3. Enabling Reverse reverses both the Transition Effects playback orientation and Transition from VividCast paired with it.
  4. Setting a Transition Effect from the ATEM and switching to the AUTO switcher mode from the ATEM device will automatically overlay transitions when switching between camera sources.


Note: When designing a new transition from the designer tool, rename the orange region on the elastic region named "Pause" to "Cut"; so that new transition is recognized as a transition by VividCast. 



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